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Lismore Clown Doctors routinely check funny bones. Photo supplied

Mandy Nolan

For a kid, being in hospital is a scary and disempowering experience.

To lighten what can be traumatic, clown doctors from the Humour Project visit Lismore Base Hospital once a week with a humour therapy and arts program to assist hospitalised children.

Humour Foundation spokesperson Amy Robbins says two local performers, trained with high-quality skills, deliver laughs and diversion for our community’s sick kids.

Amy says, ‘Clown doctors primarily visit the children’s ward. It’s roaming work; they go through foyers, corridors, the front desk; they do some work with the hospital staff, in the wards and in the beds, in waiting rooms, or in emergency.’

‘They deliver impromptu performances and interactions to anyone within the hospital. In smaller regional hospitals such as Lismore, we are primarily focused on children.

‘We work to empower the child,’ she said.

‘The clown is the fool, so they are the lowest status. When kids are in hospital, they are being told what to do, they don’t have any sort of empowerment, so the clown doctor will ask them if they can come into their room.

‘So straightaway the child has the power. It is about humour therapy. Having a smile makes you feel better and physical healing happens faster if you are happy,’ says Amy.

‘We also work with medical professionals to divert the patient’s attention if they are having a simple procedure such as getting a needle or having their burns dressed.’

Relies on donations

The Humour Foundation is an non-government organisation (NGO) and it exists purely on community donations. The Lismore Clown…

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