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As relationship expert and general life guru Yo Gotti often says, it goes down in the DM.

Social media has grown to touch every corner of our lives in recent years, so it makes sense that one of the key ways people meet nowadays is through direct messaging – a ‘DM slide’ – on apps like Instagram and Twitter.

But we’re not all as tech-fluent as Yo Gotti, so The Hook Up had a chat with musician-slash-DM-expert Brendan Maclean (who has never had a relationship that didn’t start in the DMs) and psychologist Dr Alicia Franklin to get the top tips on how to successfully (and not creepily) ~get some~ through social media.

The golden rule: never lead with a nude

While you might be tempted to get down to business ASAP, Brendan says you should avoid the temptation to send your saucy jpegs right away: “Don’t send a D-pic straight away,” he advises, “You’ve gotta start by building a character.”

Plus, sending an unsolicited nude is widely considered a form of sexual harassment, and in some instances, may constitute a criminal offence. As should be the rule with nearly every human interaction ever: if they didn’t ask for it, don’t give it to them.

Get to know their profile before sliding in…

“I don’t like Tinder because I can’t get myself across in one picture,” says Brendan. “I think what you’re selling in a direct message is less your picture and more your brain.”

It’s true: when you meet someone on Twitter or Instagram before you meet them in real life, you get to see what they like and care about. That can be a really great thing – it means you can avoid wasting your time with someone who you don’t share genuine interests with. Have…

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