How did thieves steal 50 tonnes of steel from Grantham? – Australia News


AS BILL Hill drove past a familiar property in Grantham on August 18, he instantly saw that something was amiss.

The site, used by the Lockyer Valley Flying Club to house the steel making up their hangar for several years, had been ransacked.

The steel, with an approximate weight of 50 tonnes, was gone.

The club secretary said the group had moved the hangar from its original site at the UQ Gatton campus just prior to the 2011 floods and had been holding the steel on the Grantham property in preparation for their next move.

“The hangar had been dismantled and carted here and stacked so as we can come in and pick up the necessary pieces if a sale had been made or we were going to a new site,” Mr Hill said.

“We could take those component parts out and just assemble it as required to put it back on site.”

He was told by local farmers that two large vehicles arrived on the site and loaded the steel onto trailers but had not intervened, assuming it was members of the club.

Mr Hill said it was a blow for something like this to happen, especially in an area like Grantham where the community is so closely linked.

“It was so devastating… it was a shock to me that this had been taken away from us on this site where it had been stored for so many years,” he said.

“To build that hangar today would most probably cost you about $200,000.”

Police are investigating and the club has been in contact with Lockyer Valley Regional Council who was unable to help them with their enquiries.

“What the club would like to know is who has moved in and taken the steel? That’s the last asset that we have apart from a small banking account at the present time,”…

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