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WITH a twinkle in her eye and the flash of her smile, five-year-old Erin Lemasurier is a bright and vibrant preppie.

She can swing on the monkey bars, play with her school pals, and loves a good picture book.

But there is something about Erin that sets her apart from most other kids.

At the age of just three, cancer destroyed Erin’s right shoulder.

The Ipswich Junior Grammar School prep student has a long wait ahead before she and her family can be sure the Ewing’s Sarcoma has completely gone, but after 17 intensive rounds of invasive chemotherapy out of the way, the youngster is well on the road to recovery.

Mum Rebecca Lemasurier said Erin had surpassed expectations and bounced straight back to the fun-loving, adventurous and bubbly little girl she was.

“The beauty for Erin is she went straight into prep after the treatment so she had the ability to be with a group of beautiful children and the class has been wonderful for her,” she said.

“She’s just another normal girl, they never question why she has short hair or why her shoulder looks different, they have just been so supportive.

“Erin wears it with a badge of pride, she leaves her hospital band on to show them and tells them about what noises the MRI machine makes.”

IN CLASS: Erin Lemasurier is on the road to recovery after cancer destroyed her right shoulder. David Nielsen

Ms Lemasurier said Erin’s shoulder blade was completely removed only months into treatment.

“You’ll still find her swinging on the monkey bars much to my dismay because she doesn’t have a shoulder blade at all and probably never will,” she said.

“If she does it will be purely for aesthetic reason because…

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