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LEARING to walk is usually a one off, celebrated in the first year of life, but Michael Lacey’s been dealt a blow forcing him to learn to walk and talk all over again at the age of 17.

The Alton Downs local was left seriously injured on July 8 during Condamine campdraft when the beast he was chasing ended up underneath his horse causing the horse to fall.

Mike, as he’s more commonly known, was trapped underneath the horse. When the horse stood back up, Mikes leg was caught in the stirrup which saw him dragged along the ground until someone pulled the horse up.

Left lying in the arena, Mike was immediately attended by on-ground paramedics and then the life-flight rescue helicopter, where he was sedated and set up for assisted breathing before being flown to the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

It was at the Princess Alexandra where the 17-year-old was put into an induced coma for 10 days due to his severe head injuries.

He spent 10 days in the induced coma.


After 54 days in the PA Michael Lacey was discharged yesterday. He and his family will remain in Brisbane as he continues rehab as an outpatient. Contributed


Being brought out of the coma on day 11, Mike had lost the ability to speak and move.

At this stage, Mike was breathing on his own but was still sedated to prevent him from trying to remove the tubes that were attached to him.

He was transferred on day 14 to the neuro ward in the PA hospital where he spent 10 days.

Here, Mike learnt to walk and communicate non- verbally, as well as slowly developing his speech and eating.

His transfer to the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit was where he underwent intensive therapy to…

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