Families hit hard by Ostwald Bros lay offs – Australia News


THERE was shocking news yesterday with Ostwald Bros administrators revealing that 260 workers have been sacked.

Derrick Vickers of PriceWaterhouseCoopers said 260 staff were made redundant while another 140 workers remained stood down as he and fellow administrator Sam Marsden continued to investigate the struggling civil construction company.

Sacked employees were informed of the job losses yesterday morning, ahead of information sessions which were attended by representatives from Centrelink, the Queensland Department of Education, and counselling services.

A decision on the 140 employees depends on the outcome of discussions with lead contractors on a number of sites that could see these projects return to operation as early as next week.

The sackings have devastated those involved.

Today hundreds of families face an uncertain future.

Even worse was the news that workers’ redundancy payments may not be paid.

The impact of the sackings will reverberate across the region.

Action to help workers find new jobs should be top of the government’s list of priorities.

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