‘Everyone’s shocked he’s alive’: Plea after son hit by car – Australia News


WHAT started as the regular Saturday trip to church quickly turned into Bellbird Park mum Jesui Macheson’s worst nightmare.

Ms Macheson and her children were crossing Smiths Rd, Goodna on August 19 when her 11-year-old son Thomas unwittingly stepped into the path of a four-wheel-drive.

As his mother and older sister looked on in horror, Thomas was thrown into the air before crashing down onto the bitumen with such force that his distraught mother thought he’d been killed.

Miraculously for the youngster, he escaped the terrifying experience with little more than tyre burn and shock.

Eternally grateful her son came out of the incident relatively unscathed, Ms Macheson now hopes to reach out to those who were first on scene.

“I was thinking he’s dead, that was my first thought,” Ms Macheson said.

“I ran across the car park so fast, I’ve never run so fast in my life before.

“When I got down to the street, he was just sitting in the garden, sitting up, and I just fell to the ground next to him crying.

“He had gone flying up in the air and his shoe was missing, we found that down the road.”

Police officers who were having their lunch nearby rushed to the scene while bystanders came running with water.

Tayla rushed to find their mum, but before she could get to him, Thomas had already propped himself up in a garden bed.

Thomas was rushed to hospital but after a few anxious hours, he was sent home with only a saw arm and some grazing on his thigh.

Ms Macheson said her son was lucky to be alive and wanted to let the driver of the car know he was ok and thank the community and emergency services who helped.

“He’s so lucky, it could have…

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