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Two prestigious Catholic schools have spoken out in defence of gay marriage, arguing the sacrament must evolve with the times.

The rectors of Melbourne’s Xavier College and Sydney’s Saint Ignatius’ College, whose alumni include Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and former prime minister Tony Abbott respectively, have written to parents and staff arguing the Catholic Church’s understanding of marriage stretches beyond procreation.

It comes days after Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart urged Catholics to vote against change in the upcoming postal survey on gay marriage for the “health and future” of society.
Archbishop Hart believes same sex marriage could weaken society.

“I do believe that marriage between a man and woman and family are the bedrock of society and if we follow that through then it could weaken us,” he told radio 3AW on Tuesday.

But Xavier College rector, Father Chris Middleton warns there is a “real disconnect” between the church’s opposition to gay civil marriage and the attitudes of young people.

“In my experience, there is almost total unanimity amongst the young in favour of same-sex marriage, and arguments against it have almost no impact on them,” he writes in the school newsletter.

“Whatever of the postal vote, the Church needs to reflect on why there is such strong support for same-sex marriage among the young.

“They are driven by a strong emotional commitment to equality, and this is surely something to respect and admire.”

He said young people understood the destructiveness of homophobia and had an idealistic view of love – “the primary gospel value”.

“Any argument against same-sex marriage must…

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