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ROBBIE Witt treats his clients like family so it is no surprise so many recommend him when it comes to buying and selling real estate.

Mr Witt has been a real estate agent with Colliers International Toowoomba for two years.

He doesn’t focus on a particular suburb or price range so he is available to sell across the city and wider region.

“I sell anything and everything from Westbrook to Withcott to Highfields,” he said.

“I grew up with a builder for a dad and myself and two brothers became real estate agents.”

The Chronicle asked its Facebook followers who they thought was the best real estate agent in town and Mr Witt came out on top.

Many former clients praised him for his dedication.

Helen Neale said: “Robbie Witt was great for us selling last year. He is very down to earth and genuine.”

Joshua Sharpe said: “Robbie Witt is an absolute legend and the most down to earth agent around. Can sell a house.”

Tracey Seymour said: “Robbie and his amazing team have a genuine compassion and interest in making people happy and help them fulfill their dreams. The before, during and after service is amazing.”

Mr Witt said he treated his clients like family.

“I have a very loyal customer base and it’s because I really care about them and their lives and take an interest in their family,” he said.

“I am very honoured that people took the time to vote for me. I don’t see clients as clients, by the end of the process we are friends.”

Mr Witt has about 20 homes on the market at the moment which he looks after with the help of his two assistants.

Last year he sold about 60 properties which he said wouldn’t have been possible without the…

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