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Infused with intense physical theatre, film, and dance, Shaun Parker’s Blue Love is a poetic and satirical take on the clichés of pop culture, romance, coupledom and suburbia.

From a fantastic place where TV soap meets arthouse film, Glenn and Rhonda Flune take the audience on an expedition in search of the perfect relationship.

Blue Love is inspired by famous works of art, theatre, music and film, all of which deal with the concept of love. Glenn and Rhonda draw on and reference all of these artforms, parodying the lip-service given to love and its incarnations. This quirky, character-based work is a multimedia, physical theatre comedy: accessible, challenging and enormously entertaining.

Shaun, What was the inspiration for Blue Love?

Karaoke Bar, Vienna. While singing gratuitous pop songs about love, the idea for a dance theatre work about romantic love in art and popular culture was born!

We then created a short dance film, which was later developed, over a number of stages, into a full-length dance theatre production.

What is it about suburban coupledom that you wanted to satirise?

Within satire there is truth, and the closer you get to truth the more contradictions there are!  Our main characters in Blue Love, Glenn and Rhonda Flune celebrate the complexities of the suburban couple – a couple who may stay together through thick and thin – a couple who feel like they are from the 50s, the 80s and modern day, all at the same time. Timeless love gurus perhaps?

What other works do you reference during your piece?

We have a fun Love Opera (Act 2), which references silent movie projected script against the grand notion of operatic music! In this section, my…

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