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It’s not the forlorn folk of his Grammy Award winning latest album Morning Phase. Nor is it the colourful, hyped up pop of the two singles – ‘Dreams’ and ‘Wow’ – that he has released since. Beck’s new single ‘Dear Life’ sits somewhere in between.

An upbeat, kinda jazzy piano does most of the musical heavy lifting, providing a strong foundation for what can only be called a ‘classic Beck’ melody – not too weird, not too sad, and enormously likeable. It sounds like there’s a hint of Elliott Smith in there, if you’re in need of a reference point.

That said, Beck has thrown countless elements into the mix here – synths, backing vocals, classic rock guitar solos (think George Harrison’s ‘Something’ tone) and an incredibly taut rhythm section. It’s full-scale Beck, without being too silly, and it’s great to hear.

Beck’s tenth studio album Colors will be out on Friday 13 October. We still have no real idea what it sounds like, but hopefully there’s plenty more tracks like ‘Dear Life’. 

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