Audiobooks, music, radio not likely to keep a lonely dog happy for long, trainer says – Australia News



August 26, 2017 09:00:00

Do you put the radio on or leave a special playlist playing for your dog when you head to work each morning?

Celebrity dog behaviourist Cesar Millan has even released audiobooks featuring human voices that will reportedly keep your dog calm when they’re alone.

But can audio help?

Scott Hunt is a dog trainer based in Hobart and said he was not convinced sounds would help a lonely hound much at all.

“I think Cesar’s drawing a long bow,” Mr Hunt told Louise Saunders on ABC Radio Hobart.

“If I was trying to do something in an audio capacity to distract a dog from barking or something, I’d be more likely to use animal noises.

“But in a very short time I think your speaker cabinets would be torn apart by the dog trying to figure out why these animals don’t smell.”

Mr Hunt said while sounds might distract a dog in the short term, it would quickly learn the noise being produced was not real and start to ignore it.

“The bottom line here is that dogs aren’t meant to be left at home, they’re not meant to be pets, they’re meant to be companions,” he said.

Company and food the best for lonely dogs

Dogs are social animals and often get distressed when left on their own and…

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