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IPSWICH Mayor Elect Andrew Antoniolli is calling on Springfield to help bridge the perceived divide between old and new Ipswich.

Mayor Elect Antoniolli will speak at a special mayoral breakfast hosted by the Springfield Chamber of Commerce next week and said it was time Springfield and Ipswich saw itself as one city and not ‘us’ versus ‘them’.

“There is a perception that Springfield gets everything and Ipswich central misses out and I think changing that belief is certainly going to be a big challenge,” Mr Antoniolli said.

“I recognise that most people in Springfield don’t even know about that feeling or view from the remainder of the city, so it’s important they are aware of it,” he said.

“I can try to address people’s view from this side of the creek and if Springfield can share that message of Ipswich being one big city and are happy to share everything they have with remainder of city, that would really help. I don’t believe people even see it that way, I think that is just the perception of what people think is going on.

“People of central Ipswich probably just see a lot of work and activity in the newly developed areas which pretty much have everything such as footpaths and curbing, but what most people don’t realise is that it is all done under the dime of the developer.

“I don’t think that’s fully appreciated or understood, so that’s the thing we need the whole of Ipswich to understand is that we’re fortunate here because it has been done.”

Mayor Elect Antoniolli said the breakfast meeting will also be a good opportunity to reassure local businesses about the Council’s commitment to the area and for people to get to know how he operates as an individual and…

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