Adelaide Zoo pandas have their bamboo food supply tainted by foxes – Australia News



August 28, 2017 13:39:07

Bamboo specially farmed to feed Adelaide Zoo’s giant pandas Wang Wang and Funi has been contaminated by foxes.

But authorities have fought back with baits aimed at deterring the foxes, but ensuring birds and native animals are not put at risk.

Natural Resources manager Tony Fox said a large number of foxes had invaded the 14-hectare plantation near Bolivar on Adelaide’s northern outskirts.

“We believe there were about 25 foxes living in at least five large family groups in the plantation,” he said.

“They were tainting the bamboo with their urine and faeces, meaning the plants had to be carefully washed before they could be fed to the pandas.”

He said the foxes were so bold at times they even appeared during the day and were unafraid of plantation staff.

The bamboo supply was first planted about eight years ago to ensure the 40kg or so per day needed for each of the fussy pandas.

There are now 17 species grown to ensure the zoo’s two high-profile Chinese visitors get a varied diet.

In the fight against the foxes, staff set up cameras to learn how the predators behaved.

“The cameras revealed just how cunning the foxes were at avoiding baits and provided information on where to site…

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