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AS CQ’s business and industry leaders packed into the Capricornia Major Projects Forum in Rockhampton today, there was one word on everyone’s lips – Adani.

It was standing room only as 120 people listened intently as Adani Australia Regional Manager Ben Hughes discussed regional recruitment and procurement as well as the project timeline for their Carmichael Mine, rail and port project.

FULL HOUSE: 120 of CQ’s business and industry leaders crammed into the Empire Hotel Conference room for the Capricornia Major Projects Forum. Leighton Smith

Mr Hughes expressed appreciation for enduring support from the regional areas from which they intended to heavily utilise for supply and employment.

“One of the reasons why we’re focusing regionally is to get good commercial outcomes and to reduce the cost of mobilisation and we would like to see that reflected in the suppliers prices.” he said.

He said Adani’s employment portal was currently close to 9,500 job registrations and they intended to employ the traditional owners of the land to make up 7.5% of their workforce.

JOBS: List of total workforce skills over the years with the Adani Carmichael Mine project.
JOBS: List of total workforce skills over the years with the Adani Carmichael Mine project. Contributed

They also intended to employ ex-Australian Defence Force personnel to make up 2.5% of their work force.

Looking at their time line, Mr Hughes said Adani were going to peak at 49 people on site towards the end of the year as preparations were made for cultural heritage work, soil testing, rail design work and early work establishing facilities.

“Early next year is when we get going with the bulk of the work,” he said.

Mr Hughes ruled out answering questions about the imminent FIFO decision or discussing…

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