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SO FAR this year almost 25,000 patients have attended the Mackay Base Emergency Department for treatment and of those patients, 15,942 were seen to within the clinically recommended time.

That means 36.3% – more than 9000 patients – with life-threatening through to less-urgent cases were tended to outside the appropriate waiting time.

For immediately life-threatening cases, patients should be seen by a treating doctor or nurse within two minutes of arrival, while imminently life-threatened patients should be seen to within 10minutes.

Potentially life-threatening cases must be met within 30 minutes and potentially serious cases an hour.

Less-urgent incidents are recommended to be seen to by a nurse or doctor within 120 minutes of arrival.

Newly released State Government data demonstrates how well hospital emergency departments, including Mackay Base Hospital, perform at starting patient care, capturing the percentage of patients treated within the timeframes recommended by the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine.

The higher the percentage, the better the performance.

Mackay Base Hospital Emergency Department director Pieter Nel said due to the busy and unpredictable nature of emergency departments, often waiting times varied as doctors treated the sickest patients first.

NEW INITIATIVE: The SEAT Team members at Mackay Base Hospital’s Emergency Department: Acting Clinical Nurse Liz McKendry, Registered Nurse Ojaswi Sainju, Administration Officer Shannon Brooke and Dr Mohamad Alshurafa. Mackay Base Hospital

“Mackay Base Hospital Emergency Department staff work tirelessly to provide excellent care for their community, often in very difficult situations,” DrNel…

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