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In Tasmania, more than a $ billion dollars of taxpayers’ money have disappeared into the black hole of Forestry over the past few decades. Some of that may be accountable but the remainder could have been shrewdly transferred from companies or corporations into clandestine overseas organisations such as Room 39.

Room 39 is a secretive organization in North Korea, which supposedly contains over a dozen bank accounts in China and Switzerland, and seeks ways to maintain foreign currency slush funds.

Established by Kim Il-Sung in the late 1970’s, Room 39 whereabouts remains unknown. Some experts believe that Room 38 (wherever that is) was merged into Room 39. But in 2010, the two were allegedly split again because of issues with foreign currency.

The organization is estimated to rake in between $500 million and $1 billion each year. Not surprisingly, it may be involved in illegal activities.

It appears that Room 39 is mostly involved in counterfeiting, drugs and insurance fraud. Though it is seems money laundering of foreign currency earnings from exports such as mining and forestry is likely.

Could there be a Tasmanian or Malaysian connection? Did the Gunns’ old-boys coterie have their fingers in this pie?

Sarawak so-called ‘business trips’ suggest there is a Tasmanian senator, an ex Tasmanian premier and ex MLC that may know the answers to those questions?

STT is a corporation, though is merely a supplier of timber resources to outside industries, companies and national and international operators, albeit cost negative to the taxpayer.

I’m sure most Tasmanian Times readers are fairly educated to their…

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