MARRIAGE EQUALITY: Falsehoods are not welcome – Australia News


ONE of the fears around the marriage equality plebiscite was that those arguing for either side would use misinformation and slurs to get their point across.

This has certainly happened as people engage in this passionate and emotive debate.

At the QT we welcome reader opinion and we have allowed those with differing opinions to share their views through these pages.

And we will continue to do that. Your opinion is yours to have and share.

But just because the QT gives voice to our readers on these pages, it does not mean that is the stance the QT is taking.

And let it be clear, if that opinion includes low blows, unfounded accusations, falsehoods and information that is steeped in myth, it won’t get a run. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the conversation but contributions of hate and misinformation won’t be accepted.

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