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I have never seen so much butt-covering …

The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment’s (DPIPWE) refusal to co-operate with the British Ecological Society on requested fox information is astounding.

I have written to Premier Will Hodgman and Minister Jeremy Rockliff on several occasions. They seem to be reluctant to advise the DPIPWE to pass on their findings on the Police Investigation and especially the Simon Fearn report to the British Ecological Society. (Journal of Applied Ecology London.)

DPIPWE knows that once they do the BEC will withdraw the paper of Sarre et al at Canberra University called “Foxes are now widespread in Tasmania”, the very foundations this scandalous abuse of taxpayers’ money was based upon.

It would appear that the Premier and especially the Minister are terrified of DPIPWE; probably more so that they might have to hand the fraudulently obtained funding back?

The DPIWE Secretary John Whittington clearly stated in Budget estimates June 5th 2017.

Mr DEAN – DIPIPWE is currently investigating foxes. What stage is that at, when is the report likely to be released and will it be released publicly?

Mr Whittington – I need to answer with more than a date.  They considered the Tasmanian Police review material that you provided them, they made their findings and passed on their findings both to the department and to the Integrity Commission.  I do not know what the Integrity Commission is doing.  We are cooperating with everything that we have.  The police review indicated some potential inappropriate behaviour by public servants.  That is what we are investigating under the State Service Act.  That…

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