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BY HIS own admission, Ken Mozley is a quiet bloke who doesn’t like publicity.

But this Aussie battler has come forward to share his tale of flooding and drainage woes in a final act of desperation to resolve the impasse in his “David vs Goliath battle” with the Livingstone Shire Council.

Mr Mozley, 63, who works as a cleaner and has lived in Rockhampton for 45 years, said there used to be flooding issues in the park next to his property two decades ago.

“It was overflowing the storm water drains under the road, cutting and washing out the road and some fences back further down the hill,” he said.

It was around that time that Livingstone Shire Council built a water retention dam next to his house and consequently, Mr Mozley’s backyard has been flooded in every major rainfall event since.

“It was a good idea, they built the dam to slow the water and hold it back to let some of it clear before it started releasing.

“I’m quite happy with what they’ve done but it’s impacted on me.

“These regular flood events caused by the dam can cause significant problems to myself, by washing out fences and fruit trees and vegetable gardens as well as leaving a nasty rotting odour as they recede.”

Mr Mozley said he could have argued for council’s assistance to fix his backyard but instead spent $7000 flood proofing his backyard himself by raising the land level and build a retaining wall.

An unexpected consequence of this work Mr Mozley’s grey water could no longer be dispersed from his backyard.

A plastic pipe he used to fix the problem by channelling his grey water through the retaining wall into the neighbouring park drew the ire of the council’s plumbing inspector.


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