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BLACKWATER is an unlikely location for a tropical oasis.

But an innovative development by Hutchinson Builders proved the newest $14.7 million aquatic centre was exactly that.

The unique design of the Blackwater Aquatic Centre earned the Queensland company 2017 Master Builders Central Queensland Project of the Year and Sporting Complex award.

After 54 weeks of construction, the multi-million dollar development won the prestigious award for its sustainability and tailored design for the local community.

Rockhampton Team Leader of Hutchinson Builders Kevin Whitaker said the team strived to make the centre stand out from the local area and provide a peaceful haven in the west.

Hutchies Rockhampton team leader Kevin Whitaker Angus Martin

“It’s hard to describe really, you don’t do a project like this very often,” Mr Whitaker said.

After eight years in the company, Mr Whitaker said the stand out features that contributed to the win were the locally sourced materials.

Mr Whitaker said Hutchinson Builders coordinated the construction of rammed earth walls which were especially designed to control the temperature of the facility’s buildings.

The aquatic centre was built on a carefully selected greenfield site and included a 25m heated pool, a 50m unheated Olympic standard pool and a covered kids’ “splash pad” play area with range of water features.

To power all the facilities the centre had a 30kW solar farm which Mr Whitaker said was a very uncommon addition to similar developments.

Sustainability was an important asset for the complex and three rainwater harvesting tanks and a bio-filtration system to naturally treat storm water run-off for water re-use was installed.


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