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A FORMER Foreign Legion soldier who pointed a gun in a stranger’s face while pretending to be a detective says he will head back to Mackay after he is released from jail.

Tomica Kruljac pleaded guilty on Tuesday to charges of impersonating a police officer, unlawful entry of a vehicle to commit an offence, deprivation of liberty and dangerous conduct with a weapon.

Brisbane District Court Judge Paul Smith sentenced the 50-year-old Croatian-born Mackay man to 12 months in prison with parole eligibility in July next year.

The court heard Kruljac committed his crimes after his then lawyer asked him to track down a person who broke into the lawyer’s home in September of 2016.

The 50-year-old went to his lawyer’s address in the Brisbane suburb of Durack to confront the would-be-thief.

Not finding his quarry, Kruljac and a co-accused drove around until they came across another car driving down the street.

Durack flashed his high beams until the other car pulled over and he approached the driver – who was not the thief – with a replica pistol in his hands.

As his co-accused called him “detective”, Kruljac forced the victim to get out of the car, threatening to shoot while pointing the gun at his victim’s face and head.

Once the man was on the ground, Kruljac accused him of lying about why he was driving around.

Kruljac used zip-ties to bind the victim’s wrists and took his wallet and phone.

A passer-by alerted police and when officers arrived, Kruljac walked up to them and gave them the wallet and phone as though he was a police officer.

“You believed what you were doing was legally justified which was bizarre in itself,” Judge Paul Smith told the defendant during…

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