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That’s how long it took Colleen Nicholas to complete her passion project.

The Clermont woman hiked 1000km along the well-known Bibbulmun Track – a gruelling trek across Western Australia that spans from Perth to Albany.

Colleen said her aim was to raise money for cancer research and services for sufferers of the disease in Central Queensland.

“I’ve got family that have been impacted by cancer and it’s always been something that was close to my heart,” she said.

Colleen’s father was a cancer sufferer and so she knows the importance of cancer services in regional areas.c

“My dad used Cancer Council support facilities and I think that’s an ongoing issue,” she said.

Her unassisted trek raised $17,245, which will be donated to the Cancer Council in Central Queensland.

In preparation for the strenuous hike, Colleen walked of a morning with a backpack and dehydrated her food.

She said it was a challenging yet rewarding experience for her.

“It was all excellent. Thewhole thing was an amazing adventure because each day was different,” she said.

“I had to really push myself at times physically but also mentally, emotionally.”

Colleen did not reach the first town until her 13th day due to the heavy weight in her backpack.

“I had to have the first two weeks’ worth of food with me,” she said.

She hiked a distance of anywhere between 15 and 18km a day.

Colleen said the first section of the track was the most difficult part of her journey.

“The first section was really quite challenging because it was really challenging terrain,” she said.

She had her own Facebook page entitled Colleen’s Walk for Cancer, where her supporters could follow her journey….

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