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TODAY is the last chance to shop locally and grab your entry forms for the big $5000 draw, thanks to The Queensland Times City Pride campaign.

Just by supporting local business, you can get yourself five big ones to spend on whatever you like. What would you do with all that cash to spend?

Just like a small business, City Pride sponsor University of Southern Queensland (USQ) is doing its bit for the local economy.

As the number of enrolments rise each year, it means students at the Ipswich and Springfield campuses are keeping their money in our city, and making everyone just a bit smarter.

“We’ve been a part of Ipswich now for more than 20 years, here and at Springfield,” director of Corporate Communications Dr Aidan Burke said.

“We have over 1500 students here at the Ipswich campus, giving them an opportunity to go on to higher education, but also having a university in a city gives it a value add. In saying that, I mean people will choose to stay in Ipswich rather than travel or move elsewhere like Brisbane or regional areas.

“Often lots of students have to move away from home to study, which costs thousands of dollars in rent, living expenses and moving costs. Keeping that business, those people, here in Ipswich benefits us all, it’s a win-win for the city, a win for the university and most of all, a win for the students.

“At USQ you can learn to be a teacher, a paramedic, even a pilot. Our facilities are second to none and between Ipswich and Springfield there’s education, business and commerce, law, engineering, creative arts, aviation, IT, paramedicine psychology, sport and exercise and nursing and midwifery.

“Ipswich is a smart city,…

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