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Twenty years ago, graffiti in a school would have involved a delinquent spray painting their nickname on a wall in the dead of night.

But times change. Now a former teenage train tagger is teaching graffiti to children in class.

Ashley Goudie, a scourge of the Lilydale train line in the 1980s, is today a legal street artist painting cafes, garage walls and kids’ bedrooms.

This week he demonstrated his craft to rapt Year Sixers in Brighton Beach Primary’s art room. 

He has taught at 10 schools in the past year, including Hume Grammar, Noble Park Primary and Lilydale Primary.

Mr Goudie teaches graffiti’s path from the New York subways to Melbourne’s streets, reveals how paints evolved from enamel and even shoe paint to today’s fast drying acrylics and shares the effect on a piece of using wide, or narrow, spray can nozzles.

He demonstrates how to paint a simple piece on canvas.

Brighton Beach Primary has bought 80 skateboards for students to paint in future art class, using stencils like celebrated street artist Banksy.

In the spring, Mr Goudie will help students paint a mural on a toilet block wall.

He is open about how for four years, from 1986, age 14, he regularly tagged trains.

But he says it was “a different…

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